New Zealand Agricultural Show - November Annually

This show is currently on hold and may not be open to the public in 2024, however we are still interested to hear of people who would be keen to attend this event if it does go ahead.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ holds an annual Rare Breed Livestock display at the Canterbury A&P show/ New Zealand Agricultural Show in November.

It was by taking part in this event and planning that the founding members of the Rare Horse Society of NZ Liselle Silver and Megan Hopkinson were inspired to begin our own group to fundraise and help horses specifically.

This event is held annually alongside the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ. If you would like to take part in future events please contact us.

2023 was our debut Canterbury Show event as the Rare Horse Society of NZ.

For information about the event see

Otago Equine Expo -October 2023

This will be our first solo rare breed horse display out from under the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ. We are aiming for the biggest and most spectacular rare breed horse display ever.

The display will feature horses in pens to be admired and met by the public throughout the two day event. There will be a ridden demonstration area in half of the A&P showgrounds arena where the horses can be ridden or shown off in any manner. An obstacle course will be set up for all day in hand or ridden play and each breed gets a time slot.

We have a phenomenal number of horses attending to represent various breeds but we are still looking to fill spaces for some as well as requiring back up breeds in case any fall through. Get in contact if you are interested!


This event was a huge success with 17 Rare Horse Breeds in attendance. We have been invited back for the next show which will be October 2025.

A big thank you to Fred's Fencing who sponsored the large pens for the bigger horses and kept them contained and safe.

Fred also provided a round pen for the Expo to raffle off as a fundraiser. We can't thank him enough for his efforts with this show and his products are fantastic quality.

Check out his projects at


Planning is underway for events in 2024 - if you have an event you would like to host a display of Rare Horses at please contact us to arrange this.

Rare Breed Auction - Willowbank 10 March 2024 - We will have a stall here at the event put on by the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ. Please note we will not have any horses on display or for sale at this event. It is an auction for livestock such as sheep and poultry but we will hold a stall there to promote ourselves, so come by and have a chat. Any horses for sale at this event are not affiliated with Rare Horse Society of NZ.

Mackenzie Highland A&P Show 2024

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society has been invited to establish a Rare Breed Display at the Mackenzie Highland A&P show on Easter Monday 2024. If you would like to bring a horse along please contact us, we have room for more and a riding area is available to show off.

Come along and meet us, join us or exhibit a horse!