Hackney Pony Video Library

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Essentially Extinct:

The Hackney Pony is sadly a breed that has essentially died out in New Zealand. The remaining five ponies are aging and without interested buyers for potential foals it seems it hasn't made sense to employ expensive tactics to maintain the breed in NZ. It is one of the tragic stories in the Rare Horse world where despite it being quite sad, it does not make sense to recover them.

The Hackneys are being maintained to an acceptable level in the UK and there is a pocket of Hackney breeds in South America.

For the Hackney to have a future in New Zealand, a group of likeminded individuals need to work together to carve out a market for the ponies here. Without future buyers and enthusiasts, initial efforts will end up fruitless. If you're interested in the Hackney breeds get in touch. Hopefully a strong group forms to work together for this breed in NZ one day.