Gypsy Cob Video Library

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For information about Gypsy Cobs in New Zealand visit the NZ Gypsy Cob Association. Horses are available for sale on their site but this is visible to members only. They are available via TradeMe fairly frequently so keep an eye out there for Gypsies for sale. When it comes to our Rare Breeds, this is one of the more obtainable breeds.

Do your research about mites and other conditions that affect feathered breeds to ensure you are equipped to prevent and treat issues before and after they crop up.

These are lovely horses, steady and trustworthy souls that are well worth purchasing. Don't let their shorter statures fool you, they are very strong and capable of carrying adults with ease.

Facebook pages for some Gypsy Cob breeders in NZ:


Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs

Embrace Equine - Faith Saraha - Waikaka, South Island

Westmoreland Farm Gypsy Horses

Whitehall Gypsy Cobs

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Buying a Gypsy Cob in New Zealand: