Highland Pony Video Library

If you know of a great video to add to this library or replace existing out of date informative videos please contact us.

Hillcrest Highland Ponies

Pippa Newby - Amberley, Canterbury


Pippa's Ponies are often on display at our events in the South Island. Come along to meet them.

Highland Ponies Future in New Zealand

Both breeders are active and working to produce foals annually. Highland Ponies in New Zealand need more interested breeders. If you're looking for a versatile pony to get behind, please reach out to either stud as when numbers are low it's important to work together to build the breed in a strong way.

Lochnagar Highland Pony Stud

Susie McLeod - Auckland


Susie hosted an open day for her stud in December 2023. Follow her page for updates for future open days.