Flying the Rare Breed Flag

40 Degrees South Equine Preservation Park

Karen Weibel has begun a horse preservation park, a place where rare breeds can be held in the safety of New Zealand as a safe guard against disasters.

Karen owns the only purebred Kiger Mustangs mustered from the wild. Contact her to meet them.

Christchurch Icelandic Horse Treks

Inga Currey has been a huge influence on the growth of the Icelandic Horse breed by offering a fantastic, beautiful and safe experience of these horses and their wonderful tolt gait in Canterbury. She actively breeds horses herself and has imported a fantastic Stallion that has diversified the gene pool further.

Such a wonderful way to be introduced to this lovely breed is to take a lovely ride along the beach to experience their fantastic tölt.

Trick Stunt Riding NZ

Sonia Lamb has been riding a Morgan Horse for her Trick Riding displays, demonstrating a very interesting skillset the breed is suitable for. She perfoms at many horse events such as Equidays, A&P shows and joins us at the Rare Horse display events.

Her and Duke have also featured in a magazine recently.

Sonia has recently retired. We thank her so much for the joy she gave to all who had the pleasure of watching her run.

Brumby Farm

Russell Higgins is a clinician and trainer in NZ who travels with his Lusitano horse Cassidy. Among other events he has been present at Equidays. Known for his work bridleless and bitless with multiple horses, he is a great one to fly the flag for the Spanish breeds.

Russell also has a horse training video library available to subscribe to at

Know someone else who deserves to be featured here?

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Radio New Zealand

18 November 2023

Rare Horses relax at the show

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Otago Daily Times

22 October 2023

Rare Horses to be displayed at event.

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Rare Horses in the Media


6 March 2023

New Society ready to trot off...

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