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Rare Horse Society and the Kaimanawa

In 2023 the society sent DNA from the NZ Timor Pony to Vienna as part of the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses DNA studies. The reason for this is to determine if any Timor Pony is in the mix as well as to tie in to existing testing to see about Exmoor Pony blood in their lineage.

When Waler Horses in Australia were DNA tested for ancestry the DNA showed Exmoor Pony in the mix. This was interesting as there were never enough Exmoor Ponies in the country to be detectable within the Waler, therefore the theory is that it was detecting Timor Pony rather than Exmoor.

We hope our efforts sending DNA and connecting the Vienna DNA testing agent to the Sydney University testing agent on the topic of these breeds provides valued insight to the breeds.