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Try an Icelandic Horse in NZ!

Canterbury Icelandic Horse Treks

There is an awesome video made by them on YouTube - unfortunately it will not allow me to share it here. Please search for it on YouTube and take a look.

5 Reasons to go Trekking in Iceland

Viking Horses

Icelandic Horse NZ Youth Event

5 Gaits of the Icelandic Horse

What is a Gaited Horse?

A gaited horse refers to a horse that has one or more additional gaits beside walk, trot, canter and gallop. They are usually extremely smooth to ride and very comfortable. Standardbred's have another gait called the Pace but they are not generally considered a Gaited Horse as they are not typically ridden as such, but they can actually be taught to amble.

Look closely at the Gaited Horse Spectrum designed by Liselle Silver above to see the Tolt and Flying Pace that are special gaits of the Icelandic Horse.

Neðri Bakki Icelandic Horses

East Pukekohe -

New Zealand's Icelandic Horse Studs