grayscale photo of horse in a building
grayscale photo of horse in a building

Lipizzaner - Austria

A beloved beauty - the spanish dancing horse. Carefully preserved in Vienna at the Spanish Riding School. These horses are the grandfathers of classical dressage. It is a shame this breed is not considered the current 'elite' horse of the dressage circles.


A New Zealand born gelding from the 'Conversano' lines (right) pictured with a Kaimanawa. Semen is available.

Status in New Zealand:

There are very few Lipizzaner horses in New Zealand and in recent years a handful of mares were exported to Australia in order to focus a breeding program. As these horses have very tightly managed and limited gene pool, great care is required to ensure they do not bottleneck genetically.

Global Status:

Globally this is a beloved breed and one of the more popular rare breed choices due to their extreme beauty and reputations as the 'Spanish Dancing Horses'. They are carefully managed which ensures they survive and remain true to type. It's safe to say worldwide this breed is not going in trouble any time soon, but it's important to keep these measures in place.

What are the opportunities to own this breed in NZ?

Currently, opportunities to purchase one in NZ are slim. The numbers are low. If you are serious about owning a Lipizzaner please contact us to be put in touch with the local owners. Australian breeders are working hard to boost the breed and in the future it will be easier to source one. For now, the breed needs serious people to invest in importing more mares and semen and work closely with Australia.

Paso Fino Horse Video Library

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Kirsten Benson - Auckland

Contact us via the 'Contact' page to be passed along to Kirsten.

Kirsten has 'Primero Mercurio' a stunning black stallion standing at stud and some mares and geldings.

Liselle Silver

Owner with a Paso Fino mare available to test ride. I enjoy introducing people to this wonderful breed.

She could be bred from if the right person wanted to step up and take over breeding them. She is very special to me so this will only be under the right circumstances to save the breed.

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